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Auberg-Inn's 2015 Hospitality Awards

2015 Hospitality awards for Auberg-Inn from major online booking websites
5 Jan

Auberg-Inn’s 2015 Hospitality Awards

2015 was a great start year for us, and we are proud to claim rewards from the internet’s most popular booking websites based on real reviews from our wonderful guests. Thank you everybody for the feedback and engagement, we promise to keep up the quality and bring you more of Jericho and Palestine.



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Jericho Water Supply Ein Dyook Auberg-Inn

Weekly Jericho water supply – Ein Dyook

At the feet of the Mount of Temptation in Jericho, lies the small village of Al Dyook Al Tahta, the neighborhood…

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Jericho donkey Palestine amanda Palestine tour

Amanda’s daily walk in Jericho

Since the arrival of the new team member of Auberg-Inn less than a month ago, Amanda, the donkey, has been…

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Morning in Jericho Palestine at Auberg-Inn by Laura Kar

Rasputin new donkey member to Auberg-Inn Jericho family

July 28th 2015, Amanda the donkey gave birth to Rasputin, a healthy baby donkey and the new member at Auberg-Inn….

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Morning in Jericho Palestine at Auberg-Inn by Laura Kar

Morning in Jericho at Auberg-Inn

We were lucky to meet Laura, our amazing German volunteer, again before she leaves to pursue the education of her dreams….

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Baby Donkey Rasputin in Jericho

Rasputin’s playful mood

A week old, baby donkey Rasputin is already running, jumping around, kicking and tasting some leaves. We caught him on…

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Palestinian Breakfast in Jericho at Auberg-Inn

We’ve been keen and proud of our daily breakfast routine that it finally made sense to post a video about…

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Music for the donkeys

Oleg finally introduces baby donkey Rasputin to his mother language, singing Alexander Rosenbaum’s famous Vals Baston. Check out Oleg’s higher…

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Community-based tourism in Jericho and Palestine

A career choice, a lifestyle or both? While an increasing number of startups, hubs, incubators and investment companies are on…

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