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Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q | Jericho | Palestine

F.A.Q | Frequently Asked Questions | Jericho Palestine

Frequently Asked Questions | Jericho | Palestine

What is the best way to get to Jericho

Jericho is connected to most major cities in the Central district. Depending on your location of departure, there are various Palestinian and Israelis public transportation (or a combination of both) options for arriving to Jericho from Jerusalem, The Dead Sea, Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron, Tiberias (Sea of Galilee).

Generally speaking, if you are using Israeli public transport, the destination bus stop should be “Almog Junction” on highway #1, connecting Jerusalem with the Dead Sea. From there, you may take any incoming Palestinian taxi or collective taxi coming into town. At any time, feel free to ask your driver to call us at 0568966010 for help with directions.

Most major Palestinian cities offer direct public transport to Jericho either by bus or Servees (collective taxi), ending usually at Jericho city center (town square). From there, you may take any private taxi for about 20 ILS and have them drop you off at the guesthouse.

We highly recommend that you read our Travel Directions page. If you are not sure which way is best for you, please feel free to drop us a message with your details and we are happy to help.

Is it permitted to drive an Israeli rent-a-car into Jericho

This is perhaps one of the most popular questions we get from visitors of Jericho.

While the personnel at an Israeli car rental agency might make it sound like it is illegal (or even dangerous) to drive an Israeli car rental with yellow license plates all the way into Jericho, actually, it is quite legal for an international tourist to do so, and many visitors choose this option as it is more convenient and comfortable. The only downside remains that most of these agencies do not offer an insurance policy that is valid in the Palestinian Territories. Still, most choose to take the minimal risk associated with coming by car as the city is easily accessible and relatively calm and safe to drive in.

Alternatively, there are car rental agencies in East Jerusalem that do offer cars with insurance policies valid in Palestinian Territories. Another option is to arrive to Jericho with public transport and rent a Palestinian car to travel around the area, but it would be limited only to Palestinian roads and cities.

What is the best way to commute inside the city

Walking, cycling and driving are the most popular transportation methods in the city. Taxis are quite convenient and reliable. Hantours (the local farmers’ horse carriages) are also typical of Jericho, and you can book it for a fun and environment friendly way of exploring the city.

Is there Mobile Data (3G/4G/LTE) service in Jericho

Until this date (May, 2017), Palestinian mobile operators do not yet offer data services over mobile devices. While Israeli operators also cover large parts of the Palestinian Territories, the signal is poor in the major areas and is not reliable for a stable internet connection. However, many spots offer free internet usage including the Tourist Information Center of Jericho and many restaurants and cafes as well. Additionally, there are WiFi hot-spot areas for use with prepaid scratch cards.

Auberg-Inn offers free and very fast WiFi internet, if you need a spot for a few hours to finish some urgent work or contact family, please feel free to drop by anytime. If you were relying on Mobile Data for navigation, please read the next question and answer.

How to navigate your way inside Jericho and the Palestinian Territories

If you were relying on Google Maps & a stable mobile connection to navigate through you way in Jericho and Palestine, both of which are unavailable and you need another plan.

Other than the old paper map, we recommend installing an alternative mobile APP called MAPS.ME and downloading the map data for Palestine. Based on open street maps and available both on Android and iOS, MAPS.ME has most of the attractions and local businesses listed and seems to navigate its way through territories just fine.

Where to eat in Jericho City

We offer a basic snack menu at Auberg-Inn, and also prepare home made meals if ordered in advance. However, Jericho city still has a lot to offer in terms of food options. Budget options are found everywhere in the city center, in the area surrounding the main town square (10 – 60 shekels per person). Less budget options ( > 70 shekels per person) and nicer setups can be found further along Ein A-Sultan Street (also known to the locals as Al-Muntazahat street).

What are some activities particular to Jericho city

Other than visiting the major touristic sites, hiking, cycling and donkey/camel/Hantour rides remain very particular to the city. A cable car ride to the Mount of Temptation is quite nice, and newer options including horse back riding at a training center and go-carting.

Most visitors of Jericho also use it as a base for visiting the Dead Sea, the baptism site and the Jordan Valley. If you are looking for organized tours and excursions in and around Jericho city, please read the next question and answer.

Are there any good tours running in and around Jericho City

There are multiple alternative tours, hikes and day trips in and around Jericho city. We particularly recommend Hantourism for Jericho city as well as for other destinations, and we also offer discount coupons to our guests if they book online.

How to visit the Dead Sea from Jericho

Due to its proximity, Jericho is a popular destination for visitors who want to go to the Dead Sea, which is only 15 minutes driving distance from the city. If you don’t have a car, it is possible to take taxi (60 ILS per way / for up to 4 passengers) to visit on of the three beaches north of the Dead Sea.

The entrance fees for the beaches vary between 57 and 80 shekels per person. We particular recommend Kalia beach , and we also offer entry coupons at a discounted rate to residents of Auberg-Inn.

While there are free and public beaches south of the Dead Sea (Ein Gedi, Ein Bokek), those are beyond the reach of Palestinians and Palestinians taxi drivers as they lay beyond the check-point, which also translates in transportation cost as the closest of these beaches are 1.5 hours drive from Jericho. For visitors who do not have plans to travel further south, visiting the northern area of the Dead Sea remains the best possible options while in Jericho.

What is the cost of transportation inside the city

A taxi should range between 15 to 25 shekels for a single trip inside the city. Private taxi that stays with you and waits for you to visit sites charge an average of 100 ILS per hour. On the main roads, public transport also passes in the form of collective taxis (yellow vans called Servees) that connect the town square with major neighborhoods, and usually cost 2.5 ILS per person, but not very reliable. Although not common among locals, foreigners are likely to get free rides if they try to hitch hike. Cycling is also possible, and the rent from the shops at the main square costs about 25 shekels a day.

What are some other popular destinations reachable from Jericho

Due to its central location, Jericho is also often used as a base for exploring other cities and destinations such as the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea / Qumran / Massada, Wadi Qelt and Wadi Auja, Taybeh of Ramallah, Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron and Jerusalem.

What are the opening hours of public touristic sites in Jericho

Here are some opening hours for some of the major sites in Jericho

Site Administrator From To
Hisham Palace Palestinian Ministry of Tourism 08:00 17:00
Tel A-Sultan (Ancient Jericho) Palestinian Ministry of Tourism 08:00 17:00
Ein A-Sultan (Elisha’s Spring) Jericho Municipality 08:00 17:00
The Sycamore Tree The Russiam Musuem- always visible from main road 08:00 17:00
Tourist Information Center Ministry of Tourism &Jericho Municipality 08:00 16:00
The Monastery of Temptation The Greek Orthodox Church 08:00 13:00
Cable car to the Mount of Temptation Jericho Cable Car Company 08:00 20:00
Saint George Monastery The Greek Orthodox Church 08:00 13:00
Herod’s Palace unmanaged alwaysopen alwaysopen
Nabi Musa The Palestinian Ministry of Religious Affairs 08:00 16:00
The Dead Sea Private beaches north of the Dead Sea 08:00 17:00

These hours are liable to change with daylight savings and other national and religious holidays. If you are unsure about something and need further assistance, feel free to drop us a message.

How to get to Saint George Monastery in Wadi Qelt from Jericho

From Jericho, the only way to get to saint George Monastery is by car or private taxi. The car stops at the arc, which is the beginning of the road walking down 15 minutes to the church. The cost of the taxi from Jericho is 60 ILS, and includes driving sections of dirt road along the left side of the canyon going uphill. An alternative paved completely paved road would be highway #1 going to Jerusalem, then taking the exit to Mitzpe Yericho, and then following the road to the right to arrive at the same arc.

How to get back from Jericho to Jerusalem with public transportation on Sabbath (Shabat)

On a Saturday, before sunset, the only way to Jerusalem from Jericho would be with Palestinian public transport. Servees (collect taxis) leave from the city center (town square) at a cost of 12 ILS per person to Bethany (a.k.a Ezariyeh, a village outside of Jerusalem). In Ezariyeh, you need to get off the servees and take the small blue & white Arab buses going direclty to Damascus Gate, at the old city of Jerusalem.

Israeli public transport from Almog Junction resumes on Saturday on in late evening hours. You may check the timetables on Google Maps.

How to travel from Jericho to Jordan through the Allenby Bridge (King Hussein) Border Crossing

As Jericho is the border city for the West Bank, it is easily possible to travel to Jordan through Allenby Bridge border crossing, just outside Jericho. To do so, you need to go to the border station of Jericho known as “Al-Istiraha”, from where you can take the bus that leaves direct to the border. At this crossing, the Israeli border authority charge an exit fee of about 50$ USD.

Kindly note that for most nationalities, it is only possible to use the Allenby Crossing if you have already acquired a visa to Jordan in advance. At this crossing, VISA on arrival is not an option. Visa’s can be acquired from the Jordanian embassy in Tel Aviv, or from the nearest representative office in Ramallah.

Visa on arrival is possible however when crossing from the Sheikh Hussein Bridge (up north) or the Arava border crossing (down south). In all cases, we recommend you double check the latest requirements before deciding on your travel route.