Jericho guided city tour on the hantour. First tour operator in Jericho Palestine. Visit major sites: Hisham Palace, Tel E-Sultan, Herod’s Palace, Elijah’s spring.

Hantourism – Jericho city tour on the hantour

Hantour – حـنـطور – is Arabic for ‘horse-drawn carriage’ or ‘horse and buggy’. Hantours are still popular among local famers in Jericho for transporting crops and agricultural products from their farms to the central vegetable and fruit market.

Hantourism uses local farmers’ horse-drawn farm carriages as means of transportation for operating Jericho guided city-tours, creating additional income to local farmer families and allowing visitors to experience the city in its original style.

Guided visits to major sites: Hisham Palace, Tel E-Sultan (Ancient Jericho), Herod’s Palace, Elijah’s spring.

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