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Open Invitation for Art Contribution at Auberg-Inn

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Open Invitation for Art Contribution at Auberg-Inn

Auberg-Inn is a new initiative aimed at encouraging cultural, environmental and community-based tourism in Palestine. Opened in January 2015 in Jericho, it features a spacious Arab house and a lustrous garden where traditional Palestinian gardening and vegetable growing techniques are practiced. In its first year of operation, Auberg-Inn continues to receive great reviews and excellent ratings from its increasing number of international and local guests.

To further enhance the experience of our guests and fulfill our vision of promoting Palestinian cultural & Palestine as a cultural crossroad, we are kindly inviting Palestinian & international artists to contribute works of art for display at Auberg-Inn. Of particular interest are wall-mounted works such as drawings, paintings, photography, calligraphy, embroidery and antiques as well as  indoor & outdoor sculptures and mini-installations.

All donated pieces will be considered a lease and we promise to look after them,  appreciate them and promote them and their donors. Donors maintain full ownership of their donation and are free to reclaim or replace it as and when they please. They are also welcome to set a price tag. We will happily connect an interested buyer with the artist and require no display or commission fees. In the case of sale, the artist will be kindly invited to contribute another piece for display if he or she wishes to do so. In addition, we are committed to incur all costs associated with the shipping, printing, framing, presentation and maintenance of the pieces where applicable. All contributed art is subject only to the mutual agreement of the artist and Auberg-Inn. Artists are also welcome to visit, stay, get inspired and work on premise.

This open & grass-root approach is intended not only to render our guesthouse more beautiful, but also to promote local & international art to our visitors through the eyes of Palestine and the Palestinians. We have parallel plans to extend this to literal, sound and visual content in the near future. This is part of our long term vision to turn the premise into a cultural hub where visitors can enjoy cultural dialogue & exchange.

We thank you again for your support and we look forward to sharing your art. If you would like to further discuss this opportunity, please feel free to contact us using this form or download a copy of the application form here.

Warm wishes,

Auberg-Inn Team