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Jericho and Palestine: Explore at Auberg-Inn

Stay at Auberg-Inn to explore Jericho, the Jordan Valley and Palestine.

Explore Jericho City and Palestine at Auberg-Inn
  Jericho is known as the lowest city and the oldest city in the world as well as for being along the path of Abraham, Jesus and many historical kings across different civilizations: Cleopatra, Herod and Hisham. Other than its rich archaeological, historical and religious value, it is also significant in its ecology, agriculture and people. Outside the city, Wadi Qelt, The Jordan Valley, and the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert also provide a rich base for archaeological, architectural,ecological and cultural exploration. Browse the following content to learn more about places and issues of interest as well as possible activities and excursions during your stay.

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Here are some selected readings and sources of information:

  • "Jericho’s moderate climate makes it a favourite winter resort, as it is always a number of degrees warmer than other parts of Palestine owing to its low elevation and the height of the surrounding mountains. It is an important agricultural area, producing fresh fruits, and vegetables year round. Jericho dates, bananas and citrus fruits are especially famous." - read more about Jericho on The Ministry of Tourism and Antiques' official travel website.
  • "Time cannot be regained except in a museum, but life cannot be hostage to memory. The magic we recall was a product of a lifestyle that has long passed away. “It” simply happened. The semantic memory of the place merely provides the point of departure for the redesign of Jericho as a pastoral family-friendly city accommodating seasonal tourism without falling into the caveat of gross overdevelopment that would destroy its rural simplicity" - from Jericho Forever Preserving the Pastoral Character of the Oasis of Peace, Dr. Ali Qleibo's  article in This Week in Palestine
  • "Because it is so blatantly and proudly different from the rest of the country, Jericho may just turn out to be one of the most important cities for the future of Palestine". From the The Accursed Thing. A great article about Jericho and its aspirations from This Week in Palestine by Kareem Kattan
  • "There’s something to be said for the way that sitting in Jericho allows you to see Palestinian society in a different light". From City of the Moon, a great article about Jericho with a daring and sincere insight to the 'backstage' of reality in Palestine, by Alex Shams in The New Inquiry.

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