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Travelling directions to Jericho & Auberg-Inn

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Travelling to Jericho:

From Ramallah with public transportation

There is direct public transport (shared-taxi van: servees) from Ramallah central station to Jericho that stops at Jericho City Center (town square). From there, we are reachable in 3 mins by taxi (10-20 ILS), 10 mins by bike or 20 minutes by foot. Alternatively, if the driver is coming from the Northern road leading to Jericho (Al-Mu’arrajat), you can get off near the cable car (telefrik) station from where Auberg-Inn is within walking distance.

The Tourist Information Center of Jericho is a good starting point to get oriented to the city. Their friendly and English speaking staff can also be helpful with directions for getting to Auberg-Inn.

From Jerusalem or Bethlehem with public transportation via Bethany (Al-Ezariyeh)

From Jerusalem, take a bus from the bus station on Nablus Road near Damascus Gate to Bethany (Al-Ezariyeh), and from there switch to any yellow shared-taxi (servees) heading to Jericho. From Bethlehem, take a yellow shared taxi from (servees) from the city center bus station to Bethany (Al-Ezariyeh) and from there switch to yellow shared-taxis (servees) going to Jericho city center.

Alternatively from Jerusalem, take any Egged bus from Central Bus Station heading to the Dead Sea or Eilat and get off at ALMOG junction, which is near the exit to Jericho on highway #1. Walk to the bus stop at the beginning of the exit to Jericho, and from there take any yellow private or shared taxi heading into Jericho to get off at the city center or directly at Auberg-Inn.

By car

Jericho is most easily reachable by car from highway road #1 connecting Jerusalem with the Dead Sea area. Near ALMOG junction, take the exit to Jericho and continue straight all the way. Follow this video for exact driving directions to Auberg-Inn.

At any time, feel free to call us or ask your driver to call us to get exact directions for arrival. We can also help you arrange transportation to Jericho and around.

Getting to Auberg-Inn:

We are located in the historical area of Tel A-Sultan (Ancient Jericho) at the feet of the Mount of Temptation. From Jericho city center, follow the signs to the Mount of Temptation on Ein A-Sultan street (also known as Share’ Al-Muntazahat) until you arrive at a junction with a stop sign right before the cable car station. From the stop sign, take a left and then take an immediate left 50m ahead at the office of the Ministry of Tourism & Antiques and Adawi Supermarket towards Al Dyook Al Tahta. We are only 50m ahead on the left side, a two-story stone house and garden with a wall around and visible palm trees.

Download this video for driving directions to Auberg-Inn or watch online on youtube.

Map of relevant locations

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Jericho city center (town square)

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We hope you find these travel instructions to Jericho and Auberg-Inn useful. At any time, feel free to call us or ask your driver to call us to get exact directions. We can also gladly help you arrange transportation to and from Jericho and around.

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Got Lost?

Palestinians love giving directions. Even in the lack of  a common language, they would go as far as explaining with body language, drawing bad maps or even accompanying you all the way! In any case, if you do get lost, do not hesitate to stop anyone around and ask for help.


Auberg-Inn Jericho Travel Directions

Auberg-Inn Jericho Travel Directions