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Private Rooms in Jericho at Auberg-Inn

Book private or shared rooms in Jericho at Auberg-Inn


Why stay in a hotel?

As opposed to staying in a large commercial hotel, Auberg-Inn guesthouse offers travelers and visitors an alternative accommodation experience. Book your stay in Jericho and choose from private or shared rooms at Auberg-Inn, and enjoy life, hospitality and people in Palestine.

Private rooms offered have shared bathrooms and have access to the house’s shared areas and garden. Rooms can be setup as single, double, twin, triple or quadruple. Auberg-Inn also offers single bed accommodation in shared dorm rooms in a hostel like setup.

All rooms are equipped with heating and air conditioning and have great views over the garden, the Mount of Temptation or Jericho city. We offer free breakfast, evening soup, private parking, WiFi internet and bicycles to all our guests.

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Private Rooms available in Jericho at Auberg-Inn:

Additional, single beds in a shared mixed dormitory hostel room are offered for budget travelers.

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Book hotel rooms in Jericho at Auberg-inn