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Rasputin new member to Auberg-Inn Jericho family

Welcome new member baby donkey Rasputin born in Jericho Palestine to Amanda at Auberg-Inn guesthouse and farm
Morning in Jericho Palestine at Auberg-Inn by Laura Kar
28 Jul

Rasputin new donkey member to Auberg-Inn Jericho family

July 28th 2015, Amanda the donkey gave birth to Rasputin, a healthy baby donkey and the new member at Auberg-Inn. Although darker in color than his mother, he still maintains her beautiful marker line of different color on the back and shoulders. Kais bottle-fed him on the first day with milk he had to squeeze out of Amanda, who in turn took him back on his second day after she rested. Now on his 3rd day he is breastfeeding normally and we expect him to do so for the next two months until he’s grown enough teeth to help his mom with weeding the garden. A blessed and graceful day!

**Update: View more pictures of baby Rasputin on his third day at Auberg-Inn from our new blog entry “Picture Gallery: Morning in Jericho at Auberg-Inn“.