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The activities are designed around central themes from Palestinian life that are deeply rooted in the local culture and lifestyle

Popular Tours

in and around Jericho


Jericho city tour on the Hantour (horse-drawn farm carriage)

Hantour – حـنـطور – is Arabic for ‘horse-drawn carriage’ or ‘horse and buggy’. Hantours are still popular among local famers in Jericho for transporting crops and agricultural products from their farms to the central vegetable and fruit market.


Wadi Qelt

Hike the canyon to Jericho through Wadi Qelt

Hike the ancient trail to Jericho and enjoy the amazing landscape through the canyon of Wadi Qelt passing by Saint George’s Monastery and Herod’s Palace. Glimpse into monastic life and understand human’s ancient relationship with water and other elements of nature.



Donkey Rides

Adventure trails to the ancient sites of Jericho


Ride your donkey along the ancient aqueducts of Jericho, passing through the date and banana farms to visit major historical sites like the Mount of Temptation, Herod’s Palace and Hisham’s Palace.




Grow your travel photography collection while in Jericho city

Join a local photographer to discover the hidden gems of the city, and let your camera lens see through the landscape and the people of Jericho.


Dead Sea

Day trip from Jericho to the Dead Sea

Last-minute day trips including transportation from/to Jericho and entry fees to one of the private beaches north of the Dead Sea.


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