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Amanda’s daily walk in Jericho

Since the arrival of the new team member of Auberg-Inn less than a month ago, Amanda, the donkey, has been having a great time. Our previous attempt to adopt Benjamin the baby donkey was a fail as he wouldn’t drink the bottled milk and got weak to the point we had to give him back. Amanda (slightly more mature and possibly in her early pregnancy) on the other hand seems to be constantly in a good mood. For donkeys this means less hurling and kicking and more getting along with her owners, visitors and fellow pets.

Other than serving as a great way to weed the garden off unnecessary plants, Amanda is also great to hang out with and ride. Kais has been training her on her daily walk to the nearby pond in Jericho which involves a small jump, a tour around the water fountain, a bit of trot and a salutation to the Palestinian flag!

Beyond their reputation in the local Palestinian culture for being ‘dumb’ and stubborn (hence the Arabic word Hmar used as an insult), donkeys are also known to be great navigators and can be taught to learn the way back and forth. Some have even gone far to use donkeys as a replacement to construction cranes or lifters near the city of Nablus (watch video). While our relationship with Amanda is more about companionship than it is about labor, we still plan to use her for convenient, ecological and fun transport.

We recorded this video as she progresses on he daily walk to the pond, and we hope to teach her more routes in Jericho; perhaps to more interesting sites like The Mount of Temptation or Herod’s palace.

Special thanks to MarGoPro from Universal Tourist Agency Jerusalem for letting us use her camera in such dangerous and extreme conditions!