After collecting some video footage from the very first test drives on Hassan’s hantour, we finally compiled a promo for Hantourism, Auberg-Inn’s unique city tours on the horse-drawn carriage. Hantour is arabic for horse-drawn carriage and hantours are still a popular among farmers in Jericho for transporting fruits and vegetables to the central market. The idea adopts an environment-friendly …

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Early Morning Hike to Jericho through Wadi Qelt

Equipped with light-weight video gear and enough battery life, we finally set to capture the early morning hike to Jericho through Wadi Qelt, passing by Saint George Monastery, the canyon and Herod’s palace all the way back to Auberg-Inn. We succeeded to obtain about two hours of continuous GoPro footage and numerous stills and short videos …

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