After collecting some video footage from the very first test drives on Hassan’s hantour, we finally compiled a promo for Hantourism, Auberg-Inn’s unique city tours on the horse-drawn carriage. Hantour is arabic for horse-drawn carriage and hantours are still a popular among farmers in Jericho for transporting fruits and vegetables to the central market. The idea adopts an environment-friendly …

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SkatePal’s Robert passing through Jericho at Auberg-Inn

We met Robert, a dedicated skateboarder with a fancy mustache, who along his fellow skateboarder Dave, had just spent time in Palestine training kids on skateboarding through SkatePal, a Middle East skateboard charity spreading the love for skateboarding in the West Bank more about SkatePal at:… more from Robert James Ayton’s work at …

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Music for the donkeys

Oleg finally introduces baby donkey Rasputin to his mother language, singing Alexander Rosenbaum’s famous Vals Baston. Check out Oleg’s higher quality recording of this song  and more on Oleg’s youtube channel.       Click here to browse more blog posts from Auberg-Inn’s guests  

Palestinian Breakfast in Jericho at Auberg-Inn

We’ve been keen and proud of our daily breakfast routine that it finally made sense to post a video about it. A rich and slow breakfast with daily fresh ingredients from the garden fits Jericho’s slow morning tempo and allows guests to take the time to plan their day-time activities in and around Jericho. The …

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Baby Donkey Rasputin in Jericho

Rasputin’s playful mood

A week old, baby donkey Rasputin is already running, jumping around, kicking and tasting some leaves. We caught him on video in one of his playful moods jumping around the garden careless of Jericho heat, and annoying his mother Amanda by asking for more milk while trying to win her heart with hugs.