After collecting some video footage from the very first test drives on Hassan’s hantour, we finally compiled a promo for Hantourism, Auberg-Inn’s unique city tours on the horse-drawn carriage.

Hantour is arabic for horse-drawn carriage and hantours are still a popular among farmers in Jericho for transporting fruits and vegetables to the central market. The idea adopts an environment-friendly and a sustainable approach to tourism in Jericho city, through encouraging local farmers to use their hantours for operating tours. The process requires only a minor and non-costy modification to the existing farm carriage. This efficiently uses existing resources and generates additional income to members of the local community while providing visitors with a chance to experience the city through a local perspective.

In 2016, we hope to further develop and promote this and other tourism products in Jericho city and its surrounding. Stay tuned for more soon on www.hantourism.com