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Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil (MAIK)

We are glad to have been involved with Masar Ibrahim for developing the hiking trail and building the capacities of communities and service providers around it. Auberg-Inn has so far participated three times as a guest trainer of Social Media Marketing for the host communities on the path.

Masar Ibrahim also organizes periodic hikes, biking trails as well as group packages.

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Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil: Masar Ibrahim al Khalil is a trail of community-based tourism which follows the footsteps of Ibrahim through the Middle East. The story of Ibrahim’s journey, which has been kept alive for around four thousand years in the landscape and memory of this region, records the origin of a spiritual tradition shared by more than three billion people in the world today.

By retracing this journey, Masar Ibrahim al Khalil provides a place of meeting and connection for people of all faiths and cultures, inviting us to remember our common origins, to respect our cultural differences, and to recognize our shared humanity. The path also serves as a catalyst for sustainable tourism and economic development; a platform for the energy and idealism of young people; and a focus for positive media highlighting the rich culture and hospitable people of the Middle East.

Masar Ibrahim al Khalil runs from the Mediterranean olive groves of the highlands of the north to the silence of the deserts in the south, from the area west of Jenin to the area south of the Sanctuary of Abraham (known in Arabic as Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi) in the city of (Hebron).

But this is more than just a hiking trail. It is a path that leads deep into the memory and heritage of the Palestinian people, inviting you to discover for yourself the family life of the villages, the proud ways of the Bedouin, and the age-old traditions of hospitality that lie at the heart of Palestinian life.

Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil (MIAK) is a non-profit community-based tourism initiative to delineate, and develop Masar Ibrahim (Abraham Path) in and around the different Palestinian localities. The organization endorses cultural diversity and exchange, safeguards tradition and heritage, inspires storytelling and encourages friendships based on the advancement of human values and the preservation of the surrounding environment and the people’s needs for further growth and education. MIAK works closely and jointly with the local communities to cultivate their resources, capacities and the opportunity for a better life.

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