Early Morning Hike to Jericho through Wadi Qelt

Equipped with light-weight video gear and enough battery life, we finally set to capture the early morning hike to Jericho through Wadi Qelt, passing by Saint George Monastery, the canyon and Herod’s palace all the way back to Auberg-Inn. We succeeded to obtain about two hours of continuous GoPro footage and numerous stills and short videos at different stages of the hike to finally compile this video. Following the hike, those who made it back (!) were rewarded with a slow breakfast at Auberg-Inn.

Many thanks to our guests and friends who joined us, especially to Margo (MarGoPro) from Universal Tourist Agency for her continuous support.

Here is what Lena Obermaier , our young German volunteer, thought of the Wadi Qelt early morning hike. Video follows.

When thinking of hiking in Jericho in mid-September, general perception (including your mainstream travel guide) can be quite misleading: hikes, if they do not end up at a refreshing lemon juice bar in the city centre, should be avoided.

What, however, if you are blessed to have the beautiful valley of Wadi Qalt right next to you and seek to burn off all the dates you ate throughout your stay at Auberg-Inn?

For our early birds, who do not mind to wake up before our rooster does, the perfect solution is to take a taxi at 5am (yes!) up to the entrance of the valley. As soon as the first rays of sun start to shine upon the valley, the early wake-up pays out: Birds start to chirp, the age-old monastery of St George and its surrounding man-made caves become visible, and the night cold makes your hike turn into a calming contrast to Jericho’s afternoon-heat. While making your way through the valley, you are often greeted by passing pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem, or the local anchorite, who has been living in one of the many caves for the past 20 years.

The path, leading directly to the front door of Auberg-Inn, gives a great view on Jericho, which is otherwise only possible from Mount of Temptation. And just before you descend, already expecting your hike to be over, you pass by the rubbles of ancient Roman ruins, where you can let your imagination carry you to past times. If you are lucky, you might even get invited for coffee by Bedouins living on the way – which definitely gives you enough energy to return to Auberg-Inn and enjoy the homemade breakfast!