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Morning in Jericho Palestine at Auberg-Inn by Laura Kar

Morning in Jericho at Auberg-Inn

We were lucky to meet Laura, our amazing German volunteer, again before she leaves to pursue the education of her dreams. She was kind enough to take these great shots in the early Jericho morning at Auberg-Inn and share them with us, especially of 2-day old baby donkey Raspotin, Amanda his mother, and the too-sleepy-to-be-jealous Bsasy the cat. Thank …

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Jericho Water Supply Ein Dyook Auberg-Inn

Weekly Jericho water supply – Ein Dyook

At the feet of the Mount of Temptation in Jericho, lies the small village of Al Dyook Al Tahta, the neighborhood of Auberg-Inn. Other than hosting the important archaeological ruins of Herod’s Palace and Tel A-Samarat (and potentially the ruins of Palestinian homes threatened with Israeli military destruction orders), it also hosts Ein Dyook water source which …

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