Music for the donkeys

Oleg finally introduces baby donkey Rasputin to his mother language, singing Alexander Rosenbaum’s famous Vals Baston. Check out Oleg’s higher quality recording of this song ¬†and more on Oleg’s youtube channel.       Click here to browse more blog posts from Auberg-Inn’s guests  

Baby Donkey Rasputin in Jericho

Rasputin’s playful mood

A week old, baby donkey Rasputin is already running, jumping around, kicking and tasting some leaves. We caught him on video in one of his playful moods jumping around the garden careless of Jericho heat, and annoying his mother Amanda by asking for more milk while trying to win her heart with hugs.

Morning in Jericho Palestine at Auberg-Inn by Laura Kar

Rasputin new donkey member to Auberg-Inn Jericho family

July 28th 2015, Amanda the donkey gave birth to Rasputin, a healthy baby donkey and the new member at Auberg-Inn. Although darker in color than his mother, he still maintains her beautiful marker line of different color on the back and shoulders. Kais bottle-fed him on the first day with milk he had to squeeze …

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